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K&C Painting Services Inc. has been serving the Tallahassee area for many years. We have a large regular clientele because we take pride in our work. Our job is not done until our clients are happy with the job our painters have done. Our employees are some of the best painters in Tallahassee! We are very particular about whom we hire and their skill sets. Our team takes the time to be detailed from the beginning of the job right through to the end. We are confident you will not find better painters or service for your painting needs in Tallahassee!

If you want to update the look of your Tallahassee home to increase the value or simply because you are ready for change there are many things you can do. Consider painting your cabinets to breathe new life into your kitchen, staining the trim in your home to update the look of your wood finishings or put a fresh coat of paint on your deck.

At K&C Painting Services Inc. we have very knowledgeable staff that can help you through the process of selecting paint colours, types and finishes. We want our clients to be satisfied with our services and exceed their expectations.

Tips for Choosing a Finish for Interior Painting

  • High traffic areas: Flat or matte paint finishes work best in high traffic areas or surfaces that have a lot of imperfections. A matte finish is easy to touch up.
  • Ideal places to use flat or matte paint: ceilings, bedroom, and living rooms
  • Lower traffic areas: Eggshell paint finishes work best in areas that have less traffic as the delicate finish can sometimes mark easily. However, eggshell is also easy to touch up.
  • Ideal places to use eggshell paint: bedroom and living room
  • High use areas: Satin paint finishes are durable and good for scrubbing so it works well in utility rooms and on woodwork. Keep in mind it is not the easiest to touch up, as it can be noticeable. Ideal places to use satin paint: kitchens, children's rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms
  • Smooth surfaces: Gloss shows imperfections so it works best on surfaces that are completely smooth. Gloss acts similar to a mirror in the way it displays these imperfections but is highly durable and very easy to clean.
  • Ideal places to use gloss finishes: woodwork, trim, moldings

K&C Painting Services is more than just painters! If you need the following services and are in the Tallahassee area you have come to the right place! Our services include:

  • Commercial and Residential Painting
  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Pressure Washing
  • Waterproofing
  • Trim and Stain Packages
  • Cabinetry Painting

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Contact us when you need painters in Tallahassee! Call us for an estimate on your residential, commercial, interior or exterior painting needs. We guarantee a professional and highly knowledgeable team and jobs completed in a timely manner.

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